Wash Your Reusable Grocery Bags Regularly

As manyUSstates are rushing to switch plastic bags for seed paper bags or reusable totes, the concern has shifted from environmental protection to the health of the people.  A new issue that has risen is whether these people are cleaning the bags or not.

It is found that most people just ignore the hygiene factor while utilizing reusable bags to buy groceries and for other purposes. It is found that reusable bags carry germs even though they are very environment friendly and need to be washed after regular use.

Wisconsin households start using reusable bags

Concern about the environment has driven Wisconsin households to go grocery shopping with wholesale reusable bags and recycled plastic bags. One other reason why people have opted to use reusable totes is because it is more convenient to use these bags and you can carry them around as all-purpose sacks.

Using seed paper and reusable bags is a good lesson to teach your children

Most families are using reusable totes and paper bags while shopping for groceries, in order to instill the importance of protecting the environment in the minds of their children. Even though these bags don’t allow for the proper segregation of meats, produce, vegetables and other groceries, it is much more convenient to carry these bags instead of the plastic ones.

Throw your reusable bag in the washing machine regularly

It is found that people don’t pay much attention towards maintaining the bag and feel that a few bacteria is always present on everything and don’t cause much harm. Since these totes are handy, people use them as all-purpose bags and dump not just their groceries, but also clothes, shoes and other items in them.

Microbiologists have found that reusable bags contain fecal coliforms, a type of bacteria found in the dirt from shoes and produce. It is also found on the juice of raw meat. Washing the bag is going to help maintain your health to a large extent. Also, ensuring that the meat is wrapped in separate bags will help reduce the presence of these bacteria.

Carry a separate reusable tote for a particular purpose and don’t use the same bag for everything. If there is some dirt on the bag, wipe it off immediately or put it in the washing machine for a thorough cleaning. To ensure proper killing of the bacteria, wash the bags in hot water. Also, scrub the fruits and vegetables before consuming them to ensure that the bacteria don’t enter your system.

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