West Hollywood Bans Plastic Bags

plastic bagThe City Council in West Hollywood(Weho) finally approved the ban on single-use plastic covers and totes. Larger stores in Weho have to follow the ban from the next six months and the smaller store can start in a year. So now the much debated question of ‘paper or plastic’ is solved as plastic bags will no longer be available in the city, according to the Council meeting that concluded on Monday night.

Based on the same topic, the Council had a meeting about two weeks ago and since then very few have spoken against the proposed bag ban. News reports in the city call the bag a non-controversial because of less opposition.

The ban starts in six months

Larger stores and supermarkets will have to stop offering plastic bags to their shoppers and customers in another six months. Instead, the City Council has given them the option of selling seed paper bags and other reusable items. Each bag will cost the customer about 10 cents. Charging a fee for the bags will only ensure that the customers will start carrying their own reusable or recyclable bags.

Wholesale reusable bags are amongst the offered options

Even though the law bans all plastic bag usage, there are several exceptions popping up. Meat and produce can be packed and carried in lightweight plastic covers or bags just like the food packed from restaurants. Dry cleaners and the farmers markets are also allowed to use plastics according to the law. The entire ban is almost similar to the law inLos AngelesCounty.

Apart from these exceptions, the supermarkets and other retail outlets aren’t allowed to sell plastic bags and instead can offer the customers wholesale reusable bags. Just like West Hollywood, other cities such as Calabasas,Santa Monica,MalibuandLong Beachare also following the bag ban rule. Apart from environmental safety, the purpose of the entire ban is to encourage sustainability amongst citizens.

Plastic bags are a rampant epidemic

The Mayor of West Hollywood, Jeff Prang, was quite pleased with the proposed ban and said in his statement thatWest Hollywoodwill soon be an eco-friendly city. Since almost six hundred plastic bags are constantly being thrown out into the streets and block the drains, it is quite necessary for Weho to follow this environmental drive, said the Mayor in his press statement. He also sad that using reusable totes or bags made out of biodegradable paper is the best alternative.

Source: http://westhollywood.patch.com/articles/no-more-plastic-bags-in-weho-as-council-bans-them

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