Where Do All the Christmas Leftovers Go?

Christmas leftovers go everywhere, and there are so many options for you. You have leftovers now, but some of them hang around for weeks. Where do they go and what can you make. There is a nice mix of storing your leftovers for a big dinner, eating a nice lunch, and planning your next big get together. You never know where this is going to go. Check out some options that will make cooking during the holidays more fun.

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Pack Everything the Right Way

Packing your leftovers is much more difficult than you think. First, you need a good plastic wrap. You need to wrap everything as tight as you can get, and you should set it aside until each item is packed. Wrap all your large items in aluminum foil, and fold it all into a custom bag for storage in the freezer.

If you are using plastic bags for your leftover, make sure you get all the air out of the bag. When you think you’ll eat these things in a few days, through them in the fridge. If not, fold the bag in half, wrap it in foil, and throw it in the freezer. Without the foil, you risk freezer burn.

Get Creative After Christmas

Making your Christmas leftovers should be fun. Anyone can make turkey tacos with cranberry salsa. Sweet potato tacos with seasoned mashed potatoes. The family might go for a cold turkey and cranberry salad. Everything you make should be so far afield that you will stun people and look great. No need for a recipe–you only need your imagination.

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