Within a Year Busch Gardens Plans to End the Usage of Plastic Bags

Plastic bagWith the people of USA rushing to switch from plastic bags to reusable totes and seed paper bags,Busch Gardens and Water County also are following this transition. Sea World Parks and Entertainment stated that it would eliminate the usage of plastic covers and shopping bags from all its ten theme parks, which include the ones mentioned above.

Largest theme park operator to turn eco-minded

According to statements issued by Sea World, the company aims to offer covers and bags made out of hundred percent recycled papers and also provide visitors with reusable bags. The gifts shops in these amusement parks will completely stop providing the shoppers with plastic bags as it is harmful for the environment.

Since Sea World is the biggest theme park operator, the shift from using plastics to reusable totes can create a bigger impact on the environment. Children and guests visiting the parks can also be educated to make this environmentally-minded transition.

Using seed paper bags and reusable totes shows eco-friendly commitment

The statement issued by Sea World also stated that it was a considerable change for the entire company as they could set an example for others in their industry as well as other industries. Eliminating the usage of plastic bags and shifting to reusable totes and seed paper bags, shows the company’s dedication to the environment.

By making the switch, the company also helps protect the marine ecosystem from deteriorating because of the debris. Introducing reusable bags in the amusement parks also lets the visitors and guests play a direct role in making a huge difference for the planet.

Four million plastic bags will not enter the environment

By choosing to sell reusable paper bags, Sea World estimates that it will keep almost four million plastic bags from the marine ecosystem or the rest of the environment. Sea World San Diego is the first of many amusement parks the company owns to make the transition. This branch discontinued to use plastic bags in 2011 during the launch of its Turtle Reef attraction sector. In 2012, Sea World Orlando followed the branch after its sector of Turtle Trek attraction was launched.

Along with making the shift from plastic to paper, Sea World Parks has joined the Coca-Cola Company to launch paper cups. The cups are made from 85% renewable resources and are part of the two companies’ 10-year partnership.

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