A Public Market in Emeryville Goes Green

Market goes greenA public market in Emeryville region is celebrating its eco-friendly renovation. This market will display its remodeling features in an interactive exhibit during this celebration. Post remodeling, the site of the Public Market has received a LEED certification. As a matter of fact, it has been awarded a platinum LEED certification. This certification has been given to the site due to the improvement in its surrounding areas. This improvement is a result of the sustainable methods that have been incorporated in the region.

The eco-friendly features in the public market

The Public Market has helped in developing its surrounding areas by incorporating eco-friendly elements in it. The neighborhood around the market was popularly known as “brownfield” because it had many toxic waste materials accumulated in it. The volunteers associated with the Public Market helped in cleaning this “brownfield” or bay area by incorporating recycled materials in it. The volunteers installed a rain garden to improve the conditions of the bay. This helped in the filtration of water in the bay. Furthermore, the volunteers propagated public transportation and other eco-friendly alternatives such as biking or cycling in the region. This helped in making the neighborhood a sustainable one.

The Public Market has partnered with other organizations to propagate eco friendly promotional items in the region as well. They have collaborated with Exploratorium, a San Francisco based learning laboratory. Exploratorium is an innovative organization that helps individuals discover and learn new methods of research. With the help of this collaboration, Public Market has established a forum where individuals can study about sustainable methods of development.

In their collaboration with Exploratorium, the Public Market has specifically highlighted sustainable methods through which the bay areas can be improved and remodeled. Public Market has an exhibit that showcases the effect of currents on bay sediments. With the help of this exhibit, the viewers can understand how some of the sediments in the bay region wear away faster because of their densities.

Encouraging eco friendly promotional items through Exploratorium

According to a senior artist from Exploratorium, Shawn Lani, exhibits have a lasting impact on the viewers. The displays make the viewers curious at first; however, they also provoke an interest in them. With the help of such displays, eco-friendly methods can easily be propagated among the masses. Since these exhibits are displayed in malls, they have a large audience as well. Shawn states that Exploratorium has collaborated with a private member for the first time to promote sustainable methods, and hopefully many more private organizations or individuals will approach them for such causes.

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