Green-fever Epidemic

A&R Box and Packaging is a California-based company that deals with supplying packaging materials. As a part of its corporate social responsibility program, the company works closely with Greenpeace USA, a nonprofit organization that works to promote peace and conservation of environment. Having worked with Greenpeace for quite some time, A&R has caught the Green-fever. … [Read more...]

Eco-friendly Activities in Davidson County

To encourage eco-friendly activities and healthy behavior among the residents, the city council of Davidson County hosted a series of events in the past few days. One of these events was centered on recycling. It involved the city officials organizing and making efforts to collect Christmas trees from their residents. During this event, the officials set up around 11 drop-off recycling centers for … [Read more...]

Classes for Home Landscaping in Ohio

To help residents give their homes a unique landscaping without any professional help, Dawes Arboretum has launched a new set of landscaping classes in Ohio. These classes are expected to start from the 9th of February, and will cost around $65 for the Arboretum members and $80 for all the other residents. These classes will educate the residents on the harmful effects of using chemicals in their … [Read more...]

A Public Market in Emeryville Goes Green

A public market in Emeryville region is celebrating its eco-friendly renovation. This market will display its remodeling features in an interactive exhibit during this celebration. Post remodeling, the site of the Public Market has received a LEED certification. As a matter of fact, it has been awarded a platinum LEED certification. This certification has been given to the site due to the … [Read more...]

Jute, Cotton, and Bamboo Bags – New Types of Shopping Bag for 2013

[Read more...]

Eco-friendly Makeup by Renee Esebag

A well-known face, Renee Esebag, has now launched her own collection of organic makeup. In the recent years, Renee has invested her time and money in a lot of ventures apart from being a model. Her new organic makeup collection named Street Saint is the latest addition to her list of business ventures. Renee stated that at present, people are growing friendlier towards organic products and so, … [Read more...]

City Officials in Minnesota Trying to Increase their Recycling Rates

Keeping in mind the increasing solid waste collections in Minnesota City, the city officials are trying to increase their current recycling rate. With the new year in session, the officials are planning on introducing this issue in the legislative house. According to the officials, recycling is not only an eco-friendly activity, but it is also a vital part of the economic development of a city. … [Read more...]

The New Curbside Recycling Program in Wilmington

With the beginning of 2013, the city council in Wilmington has decided to change the recycling schedules for the residents. From the coming week, the residents will have to dispose their waste every alternate week. Prior to this, the residents had the facility to dispose their waste every weekend. However, the city council feels that a weekly waste collection system is very costly, and can be … [Read more...]

Students Discover Fun in Organic Gardening and Ecology

The importance of organic products and their benefits on health and environment are well-known. Recently, the fourth graders of Beth Am Day School took a field trip to a thousand square-foot vegetable garden at the Deering Bay Yacht & Country Club, to learn about the lifecycle of plants and healthy food. This program was organized under the guidance of Karen Harmon, the Club Manager at Deering … [Read more...]

Green Investments in Different Sectors

Authorities and experts across various industries are narrowing down fields that will attract the maximum amount of green investments during the present year. The experts at the Cleantech Group feel that the agricultural and water industry will receive the most amounts of green investment this year. In the year 2012, the green investments saw a downward trend. However, 2013 looks like a promising … [Read more...]

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