America Commemorates Environmental Responsibility

Environment Responsibility  America Recycles Week has witnessed a renewed emphasis on recycling policies in the country. Awareness campaigns have been launched to educate people upon diverting material from landfills to recycling bins.

Recycling initiatives in counties

Lori Dicks, the Center Manager of Harold Rowley Recycling, emphasized the benefits of recycling on the environment. She said that all recyclables were converted into useful products, thus significantly reducing the contamination levels of air, land, and water. Though people were not directly benefitted by cash, they received the advantage of a cleaner environment.

The county of Buena Vista receives several pounds of tin, glass, paper, and plastic every year, which is successfully recycled. With mandatory recycling being exercised in the county, an increased number of residents are participating in the program.

On the days designated for recycling in Sunshine Services, an organization that provides garbage collecting services across Florida, recyclables are placed at curbsides in trash bags.

Recycling right materials into eco friendly promotional items

The permissible recyclables are clean glass bottles, beverage containers, tin cans, aluminum scrap, grade two and one plastic, magazines, unwaxed cardboard, and newsprint. Unaccepted materials include drinking glasses, windows, hardcover books, ceramics, plastic bags, plastic packaging, junk mail, toys, light bulbs, and crystals.

Cans and bottles had to be cleaned but labels could be retained. People must discard the bottles after removing the lids. When you are not sure whether the material can pass for a recyclable or not, it is suggested that you discard it as trash.

Recyclables collected at the centers are sorted and transformed into eco friendly promotional items. Residents were urged to help the state perform better by taking care to contribute the right materials as recyclables. The state ensures that the collected recyclables do not mix with improper material and get contaminated.

A large amount of materials discarded as trash in landfills have been deviated towards recycling plants. But, landfills still overflow with the packaging of products; a simple battery is encased in sheets of extra plastic that eventually ends up as waste.

Steve Neuroth of Sunshine Services recalled that before products weren’t packaged as extensively and were simply handed out. As You Sow, a NGO has estimated discarded packaging worth 11.5 billion dollars in America alone.

Some of the ways to minimize waste are reusing plastic containers, using products with minimal packaging, and using recyclable and recycled products. You can also use more environment friendly products that pose fewer hazards to terrestrial and marine life.


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