Gluten-free Products Are the New Health Food Buzzwords

The health food market is flooded with protein shakes, multi-vitamin pills, and a myriad of supplements. Whey protein health drinks and calcium supplements have been around for ages. But a new and particularly important line of products is likely to become popular in 2013. These are gluten-free health supplements that will be sufficiently stocked in the health food stores of Tupelo, as observed by … [Read more...]

Organic Baby Products in Pouches Gaining Popularity in the U.S.

We used to consider baby food as insipid stuff in glass jars. But this concept is changing rapidly now. With the introduction of organic baby food in pouches, glass jars, though not yet quite extinct, are certainly receding in the department store shelves. These organic food items are made not only for infants, but toddlers as well. With the growing nutrition needs and urge to taste new textures … [Read more...]

Girls Scouts Make Efforts to Get Recycling to Their Neighborhood

Initially introduced in 2007 in the city of Chicago and reformed by Mayor Rahm Emanuel in 2011, the Blue Cart recycling program is a novel idea to keep the city clean. But this facility is currently only available in a limited number of neighborhoods in Chicago. Recently, a group of girl scouts from the Jefferson Park and Portage Park neighborhoods made quite a bit of effort to get the recycling … [Read more...]

Sales of Energy-efficient LED Lights Increase in Green, Ohio

The sales of energy-efficient LED lights have increased in the region of Green. According to a lighting company owner in Green, Steve Zeneri, his LED light sales doubled in 2012, and the company is expecting to witness a quadruple rise in the sales by the end of 2013. Statistically, Steve's company earned close to a million dollars worth of revenue, through their LED light sales in 2012. So, on … [Read more...]

LED Bulb – An Energy-efficient Replacement for Traditional Lights

All individuals, who use incandescent bulbs, would be happy to hear that the lighting industry has come up with an energy-efficient replacement for these bulbs, which is the LED bulb. In terms of appearance, these bulbs look similar to traditional incandescent bulbs, but they are priced higher than the latter. Since these bulbs are energy-efficient, they last for a longer period of time, and … [Read more...]

City Officials in Minnesota Trying to Increase their Recycling Rates

Keeping in mind the increasing solid waste collections in Minnesota City, the city officials are trying to increase their current recycling rate. With the new year in session, the officials are planning on introducing this issue in the legislative house. According to the officials, recycling is not only an eco-friendly activity, but it is also a vital part of the economic development of a city. … [Read more...]

The New Curbside Recycling Program in Wilmington

With the beginning of 2013, the city council in Wilmington has decided to change the recycling schedules for the residents. From the coming week, the residents will have to dispose their waste every alternate week. Prior to this, the residents had the facility to dispose their waste every weekend. However, the city council feels that a weekly waste collection system is very costly, and can be … [Read more...]

Hinson Middle School Promotes Recycling Among its Students

To inculcate a sense of environmentalism in the students, the authorities at the Hinson Middle School have initiated a recycling campaign. The school conducts several activities to involve all the students in recycling initiatives. According to the Principal of the school, Lesley Sileo, the students are extremely involved in these recycling activities and try to recycle all their academic … [Read more...]

Green Resolution of 2013

With the dawn of 2013, the spirit of environmentalism is spreading far and wide across the globe. Most colleges and universities are planning on bringing a green revolution and thus they all have green resolutions for the New Year. Over a thousand educational institutions across the USA have adopted campus sustainability programs for the upcoming academic year. … [Read more...]

Where and How to Recycle Christmas Trees

Most people get Christmas tree into their homes and decorate it during the festive occasion. Once the holiday season is over, they are clueless about what to do with the Christmas tree. Well, the best thing you can do with the tree is to recycle it. This year, many organizations like Boy Scouts have come up with different methods to recycle Christmas trees. If you are a resident of Snohomish … [Read more...]

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