Ban on Plastic Commodities in Los Altos

Ban on Plastic CommoditiesSince the beginning of 2013, many cities have implemented the ban on the usage of plastic bags within their premises. The city of Los Altos may join this list very soon as well, as the officials in the city have proposed a bill to ban the usage of many plastic commodities within the city premises. The city officials have asked the city council to approve two ordinances. One ordinance will aim at encouraging the usage of promotional reusable bags by banning single-use plastic bags. The other ordinance will place a ban on the usage of polystyrene or plastic food containers. 

The proposal for a ban

The officials in the city have proposed this ban keeping in mind the issues that the San Francisco Bay region is facing at present. The plastic waste that is collected in the cities around the bay is either disposed in the landfills or near the bay region. If the proposed ordinances are passed, the garbage that reaches the stormwater from Los Altos will reduce drastically, and thus the bay pollution will also be curbed. According to the San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board, the cities around the bay need to make efforts to reduce their waste collection and disposal by at least 40 percent. Approving these ordinances will help Los Altos reach these goals easily.

To meet the requirements of the water quality control board, many cities and counties have passed similar ordinances in the recent past. San Francisco was the first city to issue such ordinances in the year 2007, and was soon followed by Seattle in the year 2011 and many other counties in 2012. Most of these cities and counties have banned the usage of single-use plastic bags, and have encouraged the usage of reusable bags.

Los Altos prepares to encourage promotional reusable bags

The officials in the city will not have to make a lot of effort to get these ordinances approved, as Los Altos has participated in many eco-friendly events that have propagated similar changes. With the ban on plastic bags coming into place, the shoppers will have to either purchase reusable bags from the stores or carry their own bags to the stores. But the ban on plastic food containers will mostly impact restaurants or food vendors. So, shops that use plastic containers to package their goods or food items will have to look for eco-friendly options once the ordinances are issued. If the processing to make the ordinances effective goes smoothly, the bans will probably be approved in the month of June, 2013. However, the bans may be implemented a little later.


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