Ban on Plastic Commodities in Los Altos

Since the beginning of 2013, many cities have implemented the ban on the usage of plastic bags within their premises. The city of Los Altos may join this list very soon as well, as the officials in the city have proposed a bill to ban the usage of many plastic commodities within the city premises. The city officials have asked the city council to approve two ordinances. One ordinance will aim at … [Read more...]

Plastic Bag Ban in San Clemente

The Coastal Advisory Commission at San Clemente is perturbed by the escalating issue of plastic bag waste disposal. So, it has proposed that the city council of San Clemente should put a ban on the usage of single-use plastic bags within the city limits. The city council has contemplated on the proposal of banning single-use plastic bags twice in the recent past, and may come to a conclusion soon. … [Read more...]

Eco-Friendly Lifestyles Taught to Baruch University Students

Baruch University is one of the renowned colleges in New York City, USA. It has been in the media for all the right reasons and included in the list of top colleges in the region. Some magazines and newspapers like Princeton Review, Forbes and U.S. News & World Report have ranked the college among one of the best in New York City. It is also known for encouraging students belonging to … [Read more...]

Initiatives to Prevent the Use of Plastic Bags Continue to Thrive

A recent study showed that on an average, an American uses about 500 plastic bags in one year. The time that these bags are used for is just 12 minutes per plastic bag after which some of them are just strewn around on the road, while others are disposed of by other means. According to a report, a local organization has taken up the responsibility of changing this trend of opting for … [Read more...]

Reusable Shopping Bags A Great Beginning

You have probably noticed more and more retailers offering reusable shopping bags at the check out aisle for sale.  You may also have been hearing news of more and more cities throughout the United States lobbying to ban retailers from offering customers plastic bags at check out.  There are a lot of good reasons for this you may not be aware of.  Politicians do a pretty good job of not bringing … [Read more...]

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