Classes for Home Landscaping in Ohio

Home LandscapingTo help residents give their homes a unique landscaping without any professional help, Dawes Arboretum has launched a new set of landscaping classes in Ohio. These classes are expected to start from the 9th of February, and will cost around $65 for the Arboretum members and $80 for all the other residents. These classes will educate the residents on the harmful effects of using chemicals in their gardens, and will teach them healthy methods of gardening as well.

The classes on eco-friendly gardening

Dawes Arboretum has taken up the initiative to launch these classes, as the organization feels that most homes have a standard landscaping style. Furthermore, the residents are unaware of the plants that are grown in their gardens, and are not very familiar with the side-effects of the medicines that they use on them. According to a landscape manager at Dawes Arboretum, Peter Lowe, residents need to understand landscaping and develop a proper maintaining system for their gardens. Peter feels that most residents over-use the chemicals on their plants. Therefore, the quality of landscaping is decreasing and the eco-system is also being affected adversely.

Peter is hoping that many residents will join these classes so that they can develop a basic idea of the relationship between the plants and the eco-system. This will encourage them to take up sustainable gardening techniques. The classes that are being introduced by Dawes Arboretum will be based on the basics of sustainable gardening, and will slowly progress into various landscaping techniques.

The first few classes will discuss topics such as the benefits of sustainable practices and how sustainable practices are a better option than conventional gardening methods. Sustainable gardening helps in water conservation as well. So residents can use rain barrels to water their gardens, and they can make their own compost by recycling their waste. This initiative of eco-friendly gardening is likely to propagate the use of eco friendly promotional items.

Encouraging eco friendly promotional items in the garden

In the first few classes of the course, the participants will be taught how to manage their water resources in their garden, how to use their waste as compost, and how to monitor the level of chemicals used on the plants. Furthermore, the residents will learn about several types of plants. So they can make their gardens look more personalized. The organizers of this program are also hoping that through these classes, people will not associate sustainable landscaping with unkempt plants and weeds, and will focus on its benefits.


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