Cooking Oil Recycled as Biodiesel in Jacksonville

Cooking oilsTo try and curb the dependence of people on fossil fuels, Metro-Rooter Plumbing and JEA in Jacksonville, Florida have decided to launch an initiative in which used cooking oil is going to be converted into biodiesel. This biodiesel can be used in automobiles such as trucks and cars and will help reduce the dependence of the people on fossil fuels, stated the spokesperson for JEA, Gerri Boyce.

A recycling initiative

According to Boyce, this initiative started by Metro-Rooter and JEA will give people drop-off locations. So if people wish to give away used cooking oil, they can drop it off at these locations. The recycling centers are scheduled to launch on December 28. The first recycling center will be at the old Coggin Dealership. This dealership is located near the Southside Boulevards and Atlantic Boulevards. After the launch, the individuals who want to contribute to this program can give in used cooking oil at the Metro-Rooter’s office. This office is located in Normandy. This office will accept recyclable oil from the residents throughout the week, during the daytime.

The need to recycle and encourage eco friendly promotional items

Boyce stated that the collaboration between Metro-Rooter and JEA is just the beginning of many other eco-friendly projects. Both these companies are aiming at developing many drop-off sites for the residents. The recycling of used cooking oil will focus on two major aspects – firstly, using the recyclable biodiesel in automobiles, and secondly, trying to reduce the oil disposal into sewer systems.

Metro-Rooter has a special program to encourage restaurants and hotels to dispose their used oil in its drop-off facilities. This program is titled FOG Program. Under the program, restaurants will be encouraged to install recycle bins and grease taps in their vicinity. Additionally, the volunteers are also encouraging the residents in apartment complexes to follow the same procedure.

According to the President of Metro-Rooter, Tom McLaughlin, the company collects a lot of waste that is in horrible condition, for instance, yellowish oil that has been used for frying food items. The company makes the effort of separating the water from the food waste. Once the separation is over, the waste is sent to a company that is located in Kissimmee. The waste is converted into biodiesel in this company’s premises. Tom stated that Metro-Rooter is a firm that believes in eco friendly promotional items, and hence it has taken up the responsibility to handle this recycling initiative. As a matter of fact, JEA will also use this biodiesel to curb its environmental footprint.



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