Day Without A Bag Successful In LA County

Californians Against Waste is an environmental advocacy organization that takes on environmental issues encouraging the development of recycling.  Initially, the company was founded in the 1970’s to promote the Bottle Bill, but has expanded to include plastic bag recycling initiatives and the expansion of eco friendly bags.

CAW has lobbied mostly on solid waste and recycling issues. Their primary focus has been on updating California’s Bottle Bill, E-waste recycling and toxicity issues, landfill and waste issues and their role in implementation of California’s Greenhouse Gas Law, general environmental issues and banning take out food packaging made of foamed polystyrene.

In 2006, CAW sponsored legislation by California State Assembly member Lloyd Levine  that created the nation’s first, mandatory, in store recycling program for plastic bags and required California supermarkets to offer reusable shopping bags for sale.


On December 15th of this year, CAW hosted their 5th annual “Day Without A Bag” event in Los Angeles County.  In LA County, almost 20,000 reusable grocery bags were given away to promote the end of single-use bag waste.   Communities across the state participated in this event, from Arcata all the way down to San Diego.

Heal the Bay worked in collaboration with CAW in handing out the reusable shopping bags and educating shoppers on the importance of using them.  They spoke of the benefits of using heavy duty plastic reusable bags and organic cotton, jute or bamboo bags.

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