Let Green Grocery Bags Change Your Shopping Habits

The age of minimalism we have come into requires us to think about how we shop. Yes, shopping might go back to normal, but you can make some changes when you are using green grocery bags at the store. Consider what you can do about your shopping habits when you have a few reusable grocery bags at your disposal. How can Custom Grocery Bags help you minimize your shopping and save money? How do … [Read more...]

Thurston County Commissioners Should Ban Plastic Bags

Thurston County has not yet imposed a ban on the use of plastic carry bags. But a growing number of residents are supporting this move. The benefits of banning plastic are plenty and they have even been documented. The ban is even supported by the Northwest Grocery Association, which is an organization that represents the wholesalers, grocery retailers, brokers and suppliers of the state. … [Read more...]

Five Ways To Be Sexy and Green

Being sexy with a heart of gold will make you even more sexy.  Going green is the new sexy, so with this in mind, here are five ways you can pick up your game environmentally and get noticed. Use reusable shopping bags.  You never know who you are going to meet in the grocery store, so not only do you want to pay attention to your clothes and appearance, you want to be a leader in your … [Read more...]

Austin Continues To Plan For Plastic Bag Ban

With the successful one year plastic bag ban in Brownsville this month, Austin continues their talks towards their own ban.  The next official meeting will be held in March. In the mean time, Austin Resource Recovery is preparing the ordiance guidelines.  ARR wants to make sure they give retailers enough time to use the plastic bags they have already ordered, as well as give them time to train … [Read more...]

Day Without A Bag Successful In LA County

Californians Against Waste is an environmental advocacy organization that takes on environmental issues encouraging the development of recycling.  Initially, the company was founded in the 1970's to promote the Bottle Bill, but has expanded to include plastic bag recycling initiatives and the expansion of eco friendly bags. CAW has lobbied mostly on solid waste and recycling issues. Their … [Read more...]

Are Your Reusable Bags Being Used?

The UK's Environment Agency has found that it takes 171 uses of a plastic reusable grocery bag to offset the higher carbon emissions a single use plastic produces during manufacturing.  That would mean that if you use your plastic reusable shopping bag twice a week, for 86 weeks, or 22 months, the product would be as efficient to produce as single use plastic bags but would create much less waste. … [Read more...]

Save our Shores To Begin Volunteer Program In February, 2012

Save our Shores is a environmental agency in Santa Cruz, California, that takes on protecting the Pacific Ocean and the beaches along Monterey Bay.  They are advocates for clean oceans and clean shore lines to protect not only the beauty, but the lives of the many sea creatures that live there. Save Our Shores has been an advocate of using reusable grocery bags for quite some time now, and has … [Read more...]

Creative Ways To Reuse Your Plastic and Paper Bags This Holiday Season

Using reusable shopping bags isn't the only thing you can do to reduce your imprint on the environment.  You can use all those single use plastic bags and paper grocery bags in unconventional ways to brighten up your holiday season. There are many different craft ideas that you can make using single use plastic bags, such as creating a holiday wreath or braiding a dog leash.  Donating your … [Read more...]

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