Eco-friendly Activities in Davidson County

Eco-friendly ActivitiesTo encourage eco-friendly activities and healthy behavior among the residents, the city council of Davidson County hosted a series of events in the past few days. One of these events was centered on recycling. It involved the city officials organizing and making efforts to collect Christmas trees from their residents. During this event, the officials set up around 11 drop-off recycling centers for the residents so that the residents from all the parts of the city could dispose their Christmas trees easily.

The recycling event

During the recycling event, the residents could drop off their Christmas trees at various outlets such as the Metro parks – the Cedar Hill, Whitfield, Can Ridge, Edwin Warner, Two Rivers, Joelton, Sevier, and Richland. The residents also had the option of dropping these trees off at the Una Recreation Center.

The trees that were collected at these centers will be recycled into various eco friendly promotional items. Most of the trees that were collected at these centers will be handed over to the Metro Public Works in a few days’ time. The Metro Public Works will then convert them into mulch. However, in order to be converted into mulch, the trees need to be clean, that is, without any type of Christmas decorations. Furthermore, the authorities will not accept any trees that have been flocked.

Other events to promote eco friendly promotional items and a green lifestyle 

Along with the Christmas tree collection event, the city officials hosted some other fascinating events to attract the residents’ attention toward eco-friendly lifestyles and a healthy living. The church authorities within the city organized a fitness event for the residents. This event was called Fresh Start Fitness 2013. This event had many interesting activities such as kickboxing, zumba, and a boot camp as well. At the event, experts conducted a seminar on healthy eating habits and nutrition also. This event focused at increasing the level of fitness among the residents and ensuring that they could incorporate eco-friendly elements in their regular lifestyles.

On the other hand, the Middle Tennessee Pet Resource Center at the city celebrated its HayDay on the same day when the recycling event was held. This event was 2 hours long, during which the volunteers from the organization distributed dog treats, hay, and other eco-friendly materials to educate pet owners on the effects of cold on their pets.

A large number of residents participated in all these three events. The city officials are hoping that these residents learned some useful tips through these events and that they will incorporate them in their daily routine as well.


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