Eco-Friendly Air Travel Changes With Boeing’s Help

Air travel is getting greener. Boeing has released some eco-friendly aircraft technology in its planes. With these changes, Boeing can make aircraft like the 737 (the most popular airframe in the world) better for the planet. You can also plan for air travel using a few tips that will make life simpler and cleaner.

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Boeing’s Air Travel Design Changes

Boeing announced it is making as many small changes to its aircraft as possible. In an effort to make air travel more eco-friendly and economical, drag is reduced outside the plane. The cabin is built from recycled materials—just as there are recycled bags made from similar materials.

Reducing Consumption

In the case of Boeing, it wants to reduce consumption. Using less raw materials reduces waste. Less drag on the aircraft reduces fuel consumption. When you use recycled bags or totes, you reduce your own consumption. Yes, large corporations should do more than the average consumer. However, rampant use of things like plastic bags packs landfills every day.

Making Air Travel Simpler

The Boeing 737 Max 9 demonstration is just one way aviation is getting greener. When you get on the plane, however, you can bring recycled and reusable bags. You can pack up your carry on in a bag you can use later. Drop the plastic bags you carry on the plane after a long trip. Try a reusable bag when packing toiletries. There’s always a way to make your net journey greener.

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You can order reusable and recycled products today for your next air travel voyage. Do your part for the environment as aircraft manufacturers like Boeing make changes of their own.

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