Try The “Farmers To You” Bag

The “Farmers to You” Bag is one of the best ways for any business to promote itself. We have been listening to what our customers have to say, and this might be the bag for you. Take a look at how these bags are designed. You will be convinced that you can reach more customers after checking out this bag. At Custom Grocery Bags, we make sure that all our customers get the exact bag they want no … [Read more...]

What is the Purpose of a Trade Show Bag?

If you need a trade show bag, you can take it to many more places than an open convention center. You can use a trade show bag to do just about anything. Read about where your bags can go when you are not working at big trade shows. Think about what you might want to do when you need to make better use of your bags. At Custom Grocery Bags, we have amazing bags for trade shows that you can take … [Read more...]

Why is Now the Best Time for Reusable Grocery Bags?

When you are managing a business, you are under pressure like everyone else to stop using plastic bags. Of course, this is the right thing to do. You only need to figure out how you will use, sell, and manage reusable grocery bags. Take a look at what your options are when you are ready to stop using plastic bags. This also applies when a plastic bag ban has been enacted in your area. Custom … [Read more...]

How Can Biodegradable Bags Improve Marketing?

Every business has to decide the sort of bags it will use. Most companies use cheap plastic bags that are not good for the planet in any way. Most business owners know this, but they are not sure what to do in the interim. This is why it might be wise to use biodegradable bags instead. Take a look at what these bags can do to improve your business’ marketing strategy. Check out how Custom … [Read more...]

Use Custom Grocery Bags to Safeguard Your Business

When you are managing your business during the COVID-19 pandemic or any other difficult situation, you can repurpose custom grocery bags to give your customers what they need. You simply need to decide how these grocery bags will fit into your new consumer protection or enrichment strategy. Read up on how Custom Grocery Bags makes your life easier as a business owner. You Can Hang Your Bags at … [Read more...]

Carry Your Pets with Reusable Tote Bags

Staying inside, quarantining, and trying to hunker down for a long period of time can be hard if you have pets. A lot of Americans carry their pets to the vet, or they never think that they will need a big carrier. You cannot run to the store to buy one, but you have reusable tote bags that will help you move your pets around easily.   Check our Custom Grocery Bags and how these totes … [Read more...]

Rental Dumpster Facility Helps in Eco Friendly Disposal of Waste Materials

At some point of time all of us face the problem of getting rid of garbage, especially when there is a large quantity to dispose off. At such times, dumpster rental companies such as RhodeIslands’ ‘Dumpster Deliveries’ prove to be a blessing since they have the ability to take care of our garbage woes effectively. … [Read more...]

St. Helena likely to Promote Wholesale Custom Totes

With the rising need to minimize the pressure on the environment and preserve natural resources, several cities have imposed a ban on the utilization of plastic bags and have started promoting the use of eco-friendly reusable tote bags instead. St. Helena could be the next city to join the bandwagon. … [Read more...]

‘My Eco’ Program Calls People to Use their Own Wholesale Custom Shopping Bags

Plastic bags and single use bags are adversely affecting the ecological balance of our environment. In an attempt to curb their usage and promote the use of reusable bags in Massachusetts, MY ECO came up with an innovative solution that will take off in September, 2013. Partnering with Shaw’s supermarket, MY ECO will provide local schools or charities with donations as an incentive to shoppers for … [Read more...]

Cupertino Ready to Welcome Plastic Bag Ban with Wholesale Green Bags

From this October, residents of Cupertino will open up to an eco friendly approach with reusable bags. The city will be the latest addition of Santa Clara County to go green by banning plastic bags. The proposal has been passed and the city is getting all geared up for the ban. … [Read more...]

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