Eco-friendly Diapers in Pittsburgh

DiapersTo help establish an eco-friendly market in the baby product industry, Changin’ Time Laundry Services, a Pittsburgh based business has launched a new range of eco-friendly baby diaper services. These diapers are old-fashioned, as in parents are encouraged to use cloth materials as diapers for their children. Once the parents have a pile of cloth based diapers ready for disposal, they can have them washed at the Changin’ Time Laundry Services.

Changin’ Time Laundry Services – an eco-friendly initiative

Changin’ Time Laundry Services, started by Maria De La Cueva and her partner, uses an innovative method to promote traditional methods of childcare. It is situated in Homestead, Eight Avenue. This laundry service gives you the option of drop-off service machines as well as self-service machines. The main purpose of this business is to promote the traditional method of baby care or childcare, which involved usage of cloth products instead of plastic-based products.

Encouraging eco friendly promotional items

The co-owner of the business, Maria states that cloth diapers have re-emerged as successful baby products in the recent times. According to her, cloth diapers are not only environment-friendly, but are also better for the child. The plastic in diapers causes rashes on the baby’s sensitive skin, and also causes allergies in some children. On the other hand, soft cloth material such as cotton, keeps the baby’s skin free from allergies, and gives them a comfortable feel as well.

The idea of this business came to Maria when her granddaughter was born. She confesses that she was adamant about using plastic diapers on her granddaughter, as the latter had extremely sensitive skin. Additionally, she noticed that her son’s girlfriend opted for cloth diapers instead of plastic ones. So she thought that she should start a business which would encourage the usage of traditional cloth nappies among young mothers.

Maria initially started this business in a small room with only three women. The day she started her business, she had decided that she would promote all forms of eco friendly promotional items for baby care. She states that her journey so far has been very fulfilling and she enjoys seeing new mothers taking care of their children in healthier traditional ways. She adds that cloth nappies are good for the baby’s skin, and their usage also helps in reducing the disposal of plastic waste into garbage landfills. In the future, Maria would like to include in her business a more sophisticated water treatment system, so that they can recycle the water they use to wash cloth diapers or nappies as well.


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