Eco-friendly Makeup by Renee Esebag

Eco-friendly MakeupA well-known face, Renee Esebag, has now launched her own collection of organic makeup. In the recent years, Renee has invested her time and money in a lot of ventures apart from being a model. Her new organic makeup collection named Street Saint is the latest addition to her list of business ventures. Renee stated that at present, people are growing friendlier towards organic products and so, organic makeup would be a perfect commodity for all the environmentally conscious customers.

Street Saint – organic products for your skin

Street Saint, the brand launched by Renee, will only supply 100 percent organic products to the customers for their various cosmetic needs. The new range of cosmetic products from this brand is supposed to work as makeup as well as skin care treatment products. Since these products are made using natural ingredients, they will have no harmful side effects on the skin of the users. Furthermore, these products will help in accentuating the basic skin quality of the user.

According to Renee, her products are made using natural anti-oxidants and anti-aging factors. Furthermore, many of her products will have vitamins and other skin nourishing nutrients as well. All these products will be manufactured in the U.S. and will be available in a special ‘Beauty on the Go’ makeup kit. This kit will include all the makeup essentials such as a mineral foundation base, liquid eyeliner in the form of a pen, mineral powder, and some other products as well.

Beauty on the Go – a kit with eco friendly promotional items

The ‘Beauty on the Go’ kit will have many products in it, which will meet a woman’s daily makeup needs. Some of the products that the kit will have are mineral base foundation. Most women use foundation on a daily basis. However, regular foundation has a derogatory impact on the skin, and gives the face an artificial look as well. A mineral foundation, on the other hand, nourishes the skin and matches with the natural skin tone of the person, making the glow seem natural. Furthermore, the kit will also have loose mineral powder that can be applied multiple times during the day. This powder is ideal for women who have long working hours and who want to maintain their facial glow throughout the day.

The other eco friendly promotional items that will be included in the kit are organic eye shadow in natural shades of brown, the classic black eyeliner and mascara, and natural-looking lip color. In addition to this, the kit will also include five regular eye shadow shades, along with blush and natural brushes.


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