Edible Cups That Will Help Reduce Waste Generation

wasteWith the increasing awareness of eco-friendly products, a small group of people have taken up the initiative to produce edible cups named Loliware. Food companies have become very particular about the materials that are used while packaging their food items, and have taken many steps to try and reduce their environmental footprint. Loliware is a perfect example of this; individuals can place their food items in the edible cup and instead of disposing the cup, they can eat it as well.

Loliware – a unique product

The idea of an edible cup was proposed by four talented individuals from the Parsons Design School. These individuals have graduated from the school, and are now producing a line of edible cups under the name of Loliware. These cups are edible in nature as they are made using organic ingredients such as sweet vanilla, bitter bitters, salty lime, spicy pepper, and sour lemon. These are the different flavors that the cups are available in.

These cups are ideal for serving liquids such as soup, cocktails, or even mock-tails. Furthermore, you could try these cups with some food products such as noodles as well. The texture of these cups is extremely soft, so you will be able to eat the cup and the food item at the same time. The flavor used in the cup is spread in generous quantities around the cup, so every time you bite into it, you will feel the flavor on your taste-buds.

At present, these edible cups are available only in New York City, and many restaurants have started using them to serve their cocktails. For instance, the salty flavored cup can be used to serve mojitos or even margaritas. As a matter of fact, these cups better the taste of the drink by giving it an extra pinch of salt.

Food companies that encourage eco friendly promotional items

Many food companies have also made efforts to try and incorporate eco friendly promotional items in their set-up. For instance, manufacturers of Numi Organic Tea make sure that only cardboard packaging is used for their products. This helps in reducing the waste generated while disposing packaged material, as cardboard can be recycled. Another food company, Evol Foods ensures that its burrito bowls are made using organic materials such as sugarcane pulp. Sugarcane pulp is usually burnt in sugar mills. So by using this material in their bowls, the company recycles waste material and helps in reducing its environmental footprint.

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