Five Ways To Be Sexy and Green

Being sexy with a heart of gold will make you even more sexy.  Going green is the new sexy, so with this in mind, here are five ways you can pick up your game environmentally and get noticed.

Use reusable shopping bags.  You never know who you are going to meet in the grocery store, so not only do you want to pay attention to your clothes and appearance, you want to be a leader in your community by using reusable grocery bags.  Make sure you bring in 2 or 3 at a time depending on how much shopping you plan to do.  Look organized and healthy by separating items for used for  cleaning, meats and dairy, and produce.  You may even want to label your eco friendly bags with “Meats and Dairy”, “Produce” and “Cleaning” to keep them all straight.  Make sure you wash your bags regularly with your normal laundry so they look clean and  fresh!

Volunteer some of your spare time to your local animal shelter.  Not only will you feel good about helping animals in need, you may also meet some great new people.  Make sure that when you go, you have on clothes that you can work comfortably in.  There is something sexy about someone who isn’t afraid to get dirty when they need to.

Do you tweet?  Why not find a cause to get behind, or better yet, start your own cause and start spreading the word.  Tweeting your support for local or national causes is a great way to show you care and aren’t afraid to get involved.  There are so many great causes to get behind, choose one that pulls at your heart string, and help start spreading the word.

Dig out that bicycle and start using it whenever you have short distances to go.  Riding a bike is healthy exercise that gets you out into the fresh air and gives you an emotional lift knowing you just helped yourself and the environment.

While your riding your bicycle, make sure you bring along a reusable water bottle rather than buying a new plastic bottle of water from the store.  The impact the bottled water industry has on our planet is staggering and represents the worst in  unnecessary consumption for the name of convenience.  Over 30 billion water bottles end up in landfills every year rather than getting recycled.  That is enough to circle the globe 150 times laid end-to-end.  If you are worried that your home tap water isn’t pure enough, approximately 25% of bottled water is actually tap water that has been treated (reverse osmosis, deionization, etc) and packaged in disposable plastic bottles.

Becoming more environmentally aware is definitely sexy.  Get your sexy on and go green.





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