Girls Scouts Make Efforts to Get Recycling to Their Neighborhood

Efforts to Get Recycling to The NeighborhoodInitially introduced in 2007 in the city of Chicago and reformed by Mayor Rahm Emanuel in 2011, the Blue Cart recycling program is a novel idea to keep the city clean. But this facility is currently only available in a limited number of neighborhoods in Chicago. Recently, a group of girl scouts from the Jefferson Park and Portage Park neighborhoods made quite a bit of effort to get the recycling facility to reach a larger number of neighborhoods.

The Initiatives Taken Up By the Girls Scout

When the girls found an opportunity to talk to the mayor during a photo session, they did not fail to benefit from it. They managed to reason with the mayor about why more neighborhoods should have Blue Cart recycling and how that will help the earth become greener. Blue Cart recycling provides carts to the residences to take away their waste, so the residents don’t have to carry the waste to the drop-off points themselves. They pointed out that since this is an easy way of recycling as well as garbage disposal, most households are likely to participate in it and thus the landfills that are caused due to waste material would be reduced considerably. This facility is not currently available in the Northwest Side neighborhoods where the girls reside. The mayor has already made announcements to include the whole of the city in Blue Cart recycling program by the end of 2013.

Curbside Recycling – Encouraging Eco Friendly Promotional Items

The Blue Cart recycling system is only available in the city of Chicago. However, several other US cities follow a similar waste management and recycling system, known as Curbside recycling. This type of recycling also provides vehicles to take away garbage from residences. In this type of recycling, the residents have to pay for each garbage bag they dispose, but if they choose to recycle, instead of disposing, they can actually do that for free. This makes the residents think twice before disposing just anything and enhances their desire to recycle more. Thus, they buy more eco friendly promotional items so that they can recycle them for free later, rather than having to throw them and pay a price for that. This not only decreases waste and increases recycling, but also manages the waste costs.

Other Cities in the U.S That Have a Curbside Recycling System

Cities like Kansas, Houston, and Los Angeles follow curbside recycling programs now, with Los Angeles having the largest curbside program in the whole of the country. The main purpose of having curbside recycling is definitely reducing waste. But by requiring the citizens to pay as they throw off waste, the city officials are actually making them contribute toward the expenditure on disposal.


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