Gluten-free Products Are the New Health Food Buzzwords

Health Food BuzzwordsThe health food market is flooded with protein shakes, multi-vitamin pills, and a myriad of supplements. Whey protein health drinks and calcium supplements have been around for ages. But a new and particularly important line of products is likely to become popular in 2013. These are gluten-free health supplements that will be sufficiently stocked in the health food stores of Tupelo, as observed by Mark Welch, the owner of one such store.

A healthy diet – first step to fitness

All experts on organic food believe that your diet is the key to maintaining good health. First and foremost, you should cut the intake of processed foods, says Debi Golebiewski, proprietor of Healing Ways Nutrition Shoppe. This store was set up in Saltillo last year. Michelle Barbieri from the Health Food Store at Tupelo feels it is important to avoid consumption of processed foods and genetically modified foods; these might cause undesirable long-term effects.

These foods are high in cholesterol, preservatives, and other food additives including food colors and high-fructose corn syrup and Trans-fats which are best avoided. An ideal diet should consist of whole foods, gluten-free foods, and whole grains that are also free of any additives or chemicals, as found in nature.

Try to maximize the intake of organically grown foods in your diet. The new fitness mantra to follow is to live gluten-free. Gluten can lead to inflammation in the intestines, and individuals with Celiac disease show strong reactions to even small traces of gluten. Gluten is also added to processed foods and it is best to avoid these. The lesser your intake of toxic substances, the easier it is for your body to maintain good health.

Organic food and eco friendly promotional items  

Organic foods are those foods that are produced without the use of any synthetic chemicals such as pesticides and fertilizers or without using any genetically modified organisms. Synthetic chemicals are typically toxic to the body at various levels and put a toll on body functions. These effects may not always be immediately obvious, but do harm the body in the long term. Though gluten is a naturally occurring substance, it can lead to certain undesirable consequences. Also, a lot of food additives are known carcinogens, which can gradually bring about changes in the body functioning and lead to abnormalities. Poultry and livestock fed on genetically modified grains should be avoided.

The use of organic foods and other eco friendly promotional items can significantly change the quality of life and allow you to lead a life full of vitality and strength. In light of these factors, gluten-free products are making a strong entry into the health food market in 2013 to help both patients with Celiac disease and the general health-conscious public.


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