Green-fever Epidemic

Green-feverA&R Box and Packaging is a California-based company that deals with supplying packaging materials. As a part of its corporate social responsibility program, the company works closely with Greenpeace USA, a nonprofit organization that works to promote peace and conservation of environment. Having worked with Greenpeace for quite some time, A&R has caught the Green-fever.

New items in the product catalog

Inspired by Greenpeace, A&R has added environmentally-friendly products to its product catalog. The products include food service bags, packaging peanuts, etc. All of these products are eco-friendly and are made out of recycled plastic, paper, and newsprint.

The company has adopted new measures to conserve non-renewable energy sources by using greener energy sources for manufacturing. It has also begun to recycle wastes like corrugated stock, excess cardboard, and scrap materials that are obtained from its manufacturing process. A&R encourages its customers to purchase eco-friendly products instead of LDPE, Styrofoam, and non-recyclable products for packaging purposes. The company has reduced its usage of Styrofoam products and encourages its customers to reuse or recycle their old products instead of throwing them away.

A&R offers two types of eco-friendly packaging peanuts – Pak Natural and Green Biodegradable Peanuts that provide a high-quality protection for the packaged items. The packaging peanuts are 100% recyclable and thus designed to be environment-friendly. Since A&R uses recycled items for its manufacturing processes of these products, wastage of paper, plastic, and other materials is minimized.

Dealer in wholesale reusable bags

A&R uses the environmentally safe plastics from L&K Plastics for making bags. The bags are quite strong and resilient to normal wear and tear. In addition to this, these bags are 100% recyclable and reusable. They are manufactured from virgin polycarbon materials and are free of latex components.

A&R caters to many organizations across the United States and is well-known in the packaging industry. It produces packaging materials like boxes, can-liners, bubble-wrap, etc., for multiple purposes. The company also produces wholesale reusable bags, medical bags, hospital bags, freezer bags, and more such items. By packing a set of 100 bags in one large-sized bag, the company reduces waste in packing too.

The company undertakes orders for custom-printed bags and boxes. They cater to organizations that require promotional products and thus also provide eco-friendly promotional items for packaging purposes.

Greenpeace USA, the inspiration for A&R is one of the biggest nonprofits fighting for environmental conservation as well as protection of forests and wildlife. The organization also battles chemical emissions and technology that are causing the environment to degrade.


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