Green Investments in Different Sectors

go greenAuthorities and experts across various industries are narrowing down fields that will attract the maximum amount of green investments during the present year. The experts at the Cleantech Group feel that the agricultural and water industry will receive the most amounts of green investment this year. In the year 2012, the green investments saw a downward trend. However, 2013 looks like a promising year for all the green technological investments, according to Cleantech Group.

The investment rates in 2012

According to experts, in the year 2012, a sum total of $6.45 billion was invested as venture capital all over the world. In comparison to 2011, these figures suggest a 33 percent drop in the investment shares. In terms of green technology, solar technology accounted for around 12 percent of the total investments in 2012. On the other hand, biofuel companies accounted for a 15 percent share in the total investments. Energy efficient transportation came close to the biofuel percentage and accounted for a 14 percent share in the total investments.

There were only a few sectors that saw an increase in investment in the year 2012; these include the agricultural sector, the biodiesel sector, and the water sector. Experts claim that investors are becoming more open to the idea of green technology and therefore they may increase their associations with green companies. According to the Chief Executive Officer of Cleantech Group, Sheeraz Haji, with the IT revolution taking place, some fields have been neglected over the past few years. However, there are a few companies that have made efforts to promote fields like agriculture and water development. As a matter of fact, they have tried to introduce green technologies in such sectors as well. Therefore, in the coming year, there is a high possibility that more investments will take place in such sectors, specifically with respect to green technologies.

Investments to encourage eco friendly promotional items in 2013

According to Sheeraz, there are four specific sectors that are expected to receive the attention of the investors in 2013, especially in terms of green investment. These fields include oil, water, waste-to-energy, and agriculture. In the oil industry, more emphasis will be given to alternative sources such as solar energy and biofuel. In the water sector, technologies may be developed to promote the efficient use of water. The waste-to-energy sector will focus on recycling and encouraging the use of eco friendly promotional items, while the agricultural sector will concentrate on organic farming.


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