Hinson Middle School Promotes Recycling Among its Students

recyclingTo inculcate a sense of environmentalism in the students, the authorities at the Hinson Middle School have initiated a recycling campaign. The school conducts several activities to involve all the students in recycling initiatives. According to the Principal of the school, Lesley Sileo, the students are extremely involved in these recycling activities and try to recycle all their academic materials on a daily basis.

The recycling initiative for the students

The recycling program at the Hinson Middle School is an example set for all the other schools in the Volusia region. Under the recycling program of the school, the students try and recycle the plastic material from the cafeteria and their academic waste as well. According to the Director of Operations and Maintenance of Volusia schools, Russ Tysinger, no other school in the county manages to recycle as much waste as Hinson.

The school has a specific lunch tray recycling system, which has now been adopted by many other schools in the surrounding areas. According to this system, once the students finish their lunch, they dispose their food leftovers in a bag and place their trays in the middle of the cafeteria. The waste on these trays is then melted and converted into solid blocks that are useful for businesses. According to Tysinger, this program has helped in reducing the plastic waste generated by schools by at least 60 percent.

Encouraging eco friendly promotional items among the students

According to Lesley, it is extremely essential to encourage the usage of eco friendly promotional items among young students. Young children can adapt to recycling easily and can actually develop it as a habit unlike the present generation. Therefore, Lesley has started the recycling initiative at the school. Lesley adds that the students are very excited about the recycling activities at the school and have even convinced their parents to incorporate some of these activities in their daily routine.

According to Kevin Olsen, a student of the school and a student government representative, when he participated in the recycling activities at school, he ensured that he would incorporate some of them at home as well. Kevin confesses that his family had a lot of plastic waste at home, which was hard to dispose. However, at present his family uses reusable bags instead of single-use plastic bags. Furthermore, instead of disposing plastic bottles and cans, the Olsen family plants seeds in them.

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