International Plastic Bag Free Day

July 3rd, 2021 is International Plastic Bag Free Day, and it is the perfect time to learn more about what Custom Grocery Bags can do for you. When you are looking for recycled bags and promotional items, you can go plastic-free.

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Why Plastic Bag Free Day?

Everyone already knows that plastic bags are bad, right? Why celebrate this holiday? You want to make a statement with your business, show your customers that they have other options, and market your business all in one fell swoop.

What Can Your Business Do?

Your business can sell reusable bags, eliminate plastic altogether, and market your business with these bags. Instead of giving customers plastic bags that they’ll throw away, you can give them reusable bags they can use every day.

Your recycled bags become the best marketing tool you have because they focus on local marketing, help you save money, and call attention to your business. This holiday, then, becomes the perfect occasion to upgrade your marketing.

The bags can also be customized to the types of products you sell. When you sell groceries, you can give customers medium size bags. If you sell massive loaves of bread, maybe you need big bags. If you sell jewelry, you can go with a small bag.

Make a Day of It

When you want to celebrate International Plastic Bag Free Day, you can work with our team at Custom Grocery Bags to make a difference with your business and in the community.

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