LED Bulb – An Energy-efficient Replacement for Traditional Lights

Replacement for Traditional LightsAll individuals, who use incandescent bulbs, would be happy to hear that the lighting industry has come up with an energy-efficient replacement for these bulbs, which is the LED bulb. In terms of appearance, these bulbs look similar to traditional incandescent bulbs, but they are priced higher than the latter. Since these bulbs are energy-efficient, they last for a longer period of time, and utilize minimal amount of electricity as well.

The new generation of bulbs

At present, very few individuals prefer buying traditional incandescent bulbs. This is because companies are improving their products, and upgrading their existing models consistently. Retailers such as Home Depot have stated that the prices of bulbs have fallen in the past few years, as manufacturers have been improving their technology at a steady pace. Furthermore, since energy-efficient options help consumers save up on their electricity bills, traditional lighting options have become less popular among the masses.

The new generation of LED bulbs that has been introduced in the market has a variety of features. The light that these bulbs emit is monitored with the help of chips. Therefore, with the help of these chips, companies have developed software applications to help consumers modify the light that these bulbs emit. So the consumers can operate these bulbs with the help of a tablet or a smartphone, and they can even change the color of the light that is emitted through these bulbs. According to a Home Depot merchant, Brad Paulsen, the LED category of appliances has seen a lot of growth in the past few years, and in the coming five years, this genre will definitely take over the available conventional alternatives.

Increase in sales of eco-friendly promotional items

According to statistics, 2012 was a prosperous year for eco friendly promotional items, such as energy-efficient LED lights. In terms of the domestic market, the sales of LED lights went up by 3 percent. According to retailers and various analysts, even though this change is numerically small in comparison to other conventional lighting technologies, LED lights are establishing their hold on the market quickly.

Furthermore, most companies are spending their money on developing this kind of lights; therefore, the customers are expected to have more options in this segment. As Jim Crowcroft, the Vice President of the market development department at TCP points out, manufacturers are progressing towards energy-efficient designs, therefore, slowly the entire lighting market will be filled with LEDs.

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