Making Hollywood Productions Greener

If you ask, Hollywood has a sustainability problem. Hollywood productions are extremely expensive, but they are not all that green. As a result, the industry has lived under the radar because the audience sees the films, loves the TV shows, an invests emotionally. However, it can be hard to imagine that these productions are massive polluters. You can learn more about film and TV climate initiatives here.

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Why Does Hollywood Need to Go Green?

YEA! Impact was founded by Alison Begalman to start the conversation about going green on Hollywood productions. She hosts events throughout the year, and in explaining just one, she said, “The Hollywood Climate Summit creates a space where we can all share, and storytellers in Hollywood can really learn about the climate crisis.”

Begalman went on to say, “This is a crisis that is affecting us all and it is very immediate. We kind of need to put the competition aside and just start sharing, like oh, this is our carbon calculator, and this is how we started working with it, and this is the green production company we work with.”

Doing the Little Things

Hollywood has yet to do the little things. As Begalman explains, script revisions are often done on paper. If they were done digitally, there would be no wasted paper. While there are many small things that Hollywood could do, there are also bigger things it should try.

Changing Hollywood Locations

While Hollywood movies are not centralized to California anymore, they aren’t reducing their environmental impact. For example, tax incentives allow massive producers to film in places like Georgia or New Zealand. This can cause destruction of the local ecosystem. You can learn more here.

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