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24776158_sWhen I was younger, I had the type of parents who were always pushing me into work. While my friends were allowed to sleep in until they had to get up for school, I was always up before dawn riding around the neighborhood on my rusted hand me down bike with a bag full of newspapers. The newspapers were packed so tightly that they constantly threatened to break the already straining hem and spill out onto my neighborhood sidewalk. As I moved into my teenage years, I began working for major corporations that just wanted me to show up, on time, smiling. There was no truly innocent charm in those jobs like there had been when I was dedicated to my paper route as a child. Something about that paper route stuck with me even into my adulthood, and I ended up getting a job where I could ride a bike to the office every morning. There were so many different things about this that I enjoyed, especially the fresh air and consistent exercise. However, this still presented some problems. I had grown up a great deal since that first job, and now was transporting piles of important paperwork every day. I ended up investing in an all weather messenger bag to take to the office every day, which has proved to work out perfectly. Rather than the newspaper sack that I had used in my youth, which would strain to accommodate everything I needed to carry in it, the bag that I use now is perfect for getting all of my things safely and comfortably to and from work.

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