Organic Baby Products in Pouches Gaining Popularity in the U.S.

Organic Baby ProductsWe used to consider baby food as insipid stuff in glass jars. But this concept is changing rapidly now. With the introduction of organic baby food in pouches, glass jars, though not yet quite extinct, are certainly receding in the department store shelves. These organic food items are made not only for infants, but toddlers as well. With the growing nutrition needs and urge to taste new textures and flavors in children of that age, this type of food is going down quite well with them.

The organic baby product industry

Currently, organic food makes up only 4% of the total food industry in the U.S., but organic baby food can boast of a 20% share in that category. The marketers of organic baby food have expanded their horizons to offering food for toddlers and specialty food for adults as well. It is now a $1.5 billion industry. The expansion of the market for organic baby food is being further facilitated by the arrival of pouches in which these food items are sold. These pouches are eco friendly promotional items, which are far lighter than jars and thus easier to transport as well as store. Besides, these organic baby foods can also be administered to children older than the well-known 9 – 12 month age range, which means that now these pouched foods can be fed to older children as well, lessening the busy parents’ worry of feeding their children, and thus expanding the market further.

Benefits of eco friendly promotional items for babies

These baby foods come in pouches of very palatable paste-like substances that are intended to be sucked directly from the pouch, which eliminates the need for spoons or plates or any other utensils for that matter. This is highly convenient for people who have to feed their babies at places other than home. Besides, there is the advantage of feeding organic food to your babies as they are much healthier than the traditional factory-made baby foods that include preservatives which can harm the baby if stored for too long. Apart from this, squeezing the pouches and feeling the substances also rouse the senses in toddlers other than just the sense of taste or texture in their mouths. This contributes to their overall development, too.

The future of organic baby products being sold in pouches

Every day new players are coming into the pouched organic baby food market. But now that these pouches have gained so much popularity, they are being frowned upon by many nutrition experts, since they think that these pouches are still a long way away from offering a complete diet for children. So now baby food manufacturers are engaged in some innovations like making biscuits and cereal so that they can boast of a more complete diet plan.


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