Park Snacks: 4 Fall Creations for Better Weather and Outdoor Fun

When you want to hit the park this fall, you should bring some snacks. The snacks make the whole experience better for everyone—but what do you make? There are a few tips here that will make the park more fun for you and the kids (yes, parents get snacks, too!)

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Park Snacks 101: Sandwiches

Park snacks should always start with sandwiches. They’re easy to make when you’re going to the park to play. Even if you take a slightly brisk walk, you won’t want a heavy sandwich. Bread, mustard or mayo (if you’re super creative, you can mix the mayo and your preferred mustard before spreading,) and meat. That’s it. Make the sandwiches light so they don’t weigh you down.

Especially with kids, you don’t want to give them anything heavy. That might result in someone getting sick when they play a little too hard.

Park Drinks

Park drinks should mostly be limited to water. Why? You want to stay hydrated when everyone is playing hard. If you want to have more exciting drinks, you can save them for the end. Everyone was playing hard and drinking water. Then, you bring out the juice box or soda right at the end before you leave.

Healthy Snacks

If you’re not interested in making sandwiches, go for bags or fresh veggies. Just imagine your family’s favorite vegetable plate. That’s what you put in your favorite reusable bag—no dip needed.


We’re not advocating for parents to bring a pot and cook soup on site. Get an old thermos with the cup that doubles as the cap. Cook up some soup at home, pour it in the thermos, and bring it along. As it gets colder, you’ll appreciate a warm soup.

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