Pockets for Your Trade Show Bags

Trade show bags serve two distinct purposes: you can give them away or use them. This is walking marketing AT the trade show for your company. However, the bag still needs to stand the test of time. When you add pockets to these bags, they become much more functional. Read more to learn how to add pockets to your already popular bags at the trade show.

You can place an order for trade show bags at Custom Grocery Bags today to make your marketing dollars stretch that much farther.

Why Add Pockets to Trade Show Bags?

Your new custom bags should have pockets because that is where people keep pens, their credentials, and tickets or brochures. The bag becomes a travel bag. It is functional. Think of all the places this bag will go when you give it away or someone wins it at the show. Adding your logo makes a difference, but the pockets make the bag worth using.

The Pockets Add Intrigue

You are adding texture and layers to the bag with a few pockets. Yes, you chose the right colors and added your logo. People, however, look closer when they see those layers. Someone at the trade show is FAR more likely to visit, sign up for a contest, give you THEIR contact information, and even hang around just to get or win a nice bag.

Order with Custom Grocery Bags Today

You can order with Custom Grocery Bags today when you want new trade show bags. This is a simple thing to do, and you can add a bit of intrigue to your displays. People will come from all over just to see your bags and win a prize. You can even sell them to your most loyal fans at the show or online.

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