Pockets for Your Trade Show Bags

Trade show bags serve two distinct purposes: you can give them away or use them. This is walking marketing AT the trade show for your company. However, the bag still needs to stand the test of time. When you add pockets to these bags, they become much more functional. Read more to learn how to add pockets to your already popular bags at the trade show. You can place an order for trade show bags … [Read more...]

What is the Purpose of a Trade Show Bag?

If you need a trade show bag, you can take it to many more places than an open convention center. You can use a trade show bag to do just about anything. Read about where your bags can go when you are not working at big trade shows. Think about what you might want to do when you need to make better use of your bags. At Custom Grocery Bags, we have amazing bags for trade shows that you can take … [Read more...]

Can You Convert Trade Show Bags To Work Bags? 

When you work at trade shows, it only makes sense to order our trade show bags. At the same time, you might need a more versatile work bag because you are sending employees out into the field every day. Work with us to learn how you can convert your trade show bags to work bags. They will advertise your business and make working that much easier.  At Custom Grocery Bags, we have more than … [Read more...]

Why Are Trade Show Totes Important For Business?

Businesses that work trade shows and service the public may need larger bags that will accommodate massive deliveries, promo items, and brochures for the show. At Custom Grocery Bags, we have beautiful trade show totes that will carry your logo and provide you with the durability you need. Check out Custom Grocery Bags when you are ready to order trade show totes that will act as passive … [Read more...]

Turn Eco Bags into Your Work Bags

When you want to use eco bags to go to the grocery store, take a picnic, and even care for your lawn, they are easy to clean, easy to store, and easy to use. You may, however, wonder how you can possibly disinfect your work bag every day. In short, you can’t. Instead, you should consider using eco bags as your work bags. There are a few tips below that show you why this is an amazing idea. The … [Read more...]

Carry Your Pets with Reusable Tote Bags

Staying inside, quarantining, and trying to hunker down for a long period of time can be hard if you have pets. A lot of Americans carry their pets to the vet, or they never think that they will need a big carrier. You cannot run to the store to buy one, but you have reusable tote bags that will help you move your pets around easily.   Check our Custom Grocery Bags and how these totes … [Read more...]

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