Recycle A Plastic Bag Into A Reusable Bag

Here is a fun craft project for a rainy day.  This artist featured on ThreadBangers has invented a way to reuse plastic shopping bags into a cute sandwich bag and a reusable shopping bag that can be used over and over.  The artist did not talk about how to keep the sandwich bag clean, but whenever you are washing plastic, it is better to wash it by hand in cold or luke warm water.  Do not throw this item into a dryer so the plastic does not melt:


Reusing items that would normally be thrown away is a great way to do something good for the environment.  Plastic grocery bags are normally used once or twice, but this recycled creation could be used numerous times with proper cleaning.

Using reusable grocery bags are so beneficial for the planet, it’s like doing a good deed for the world everytime you use one.  In fact, reusing just one bag in your daily life for grocery or personal shopping can eliminate the use of approximately 6 plastic bags every week.  Saving 6 bags a week works out to 288 bags a year and adopting the use of reusable bags for one’s entire life can “save” (reduce) the need for over 20,000 plastic bags.  That’s per person!

Also, many reusable shopping bags are made from environmentally friendly fabrics such as organic cotton, jute and bamboo.   In fact, jute has become one of the most naturally-grown materials used today.   That is not just because its fibers come from plants, but because the jute plant is also one of the simplest, and lowest impact, textile crops to cultivate.   Jute is a fast growing plant, that shoots up to twelve feet high in a matter of months with little watering, pesticide or fertilizer needed.

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