Spring Clean and Recycle

  Spring is the season of rebirth which can inspire all of us to take stock of our own environment and start a new.  If you are ready to spring house clean, here are some helpful tips on how to declutter safely and effectively: Furniture Beginning with the big stuff, like furniture, there are several ways to get rid of old furniture.  If you do not think you can sell them for much, … [Read more...]

2012 Santa Cruz Earth Day Festival

On Saturday, April 21st, 2012, the Santa Cruz Earth Day Festival will be held in San Lorenzo Park, Santa Cruz, California.  The festival is a community event offering booths of educational information, fun activities for kids, a focus on green businesses and live music.  Some of the event highlights are an organic wine garden from Hallcrest Vinyards, electric vehicle showcase, recycled wear … [Read more...]

Save Our Shores Hosts Coastal Community Clean Up in Santa Cruz, California

Save Our Shores, an environmental agency located in Santa Cruz, California, is hosting 4 area beach and river clean ups on April 21st, 2012, in honor of Earth Day.  Save Our Shores is continually hosting community clean up projects all year, but this Earth Day clean up event will be their largest clean up effort to date. There will be four separate clean up locations: San Lorenzo River … [Read more...]

Recycle A Plastic Bag Into A Reusable Bag

Here is a fun craft project for a rainy day.  This artist featured on ThreadBangers has invented a way to reuse plastic shopping bags into a cute sandwich bag and a reusable shopping bag that can be used over and over.  The artist did not talk about how to keep the sandwich bag clean, but whenever you are washing plastic, it is better to wash it by hand in cold or luke warm water.  Do not throw … [Read more...]

Eco Friendly Bag Design Ideas By ThreadBanger

ThreadBanger is a website that is hosted by three creative individuals.  The shows are mini lessons that you how to create eco friendly fashion and home decor designs using materials you already have at home or can find in a thrift store.  Their designs are funky, cool and fun to make.  The hosts of the site and the You Tube videos are all environmentalists and designers who scour the planet … [Read more...]

Are EIA’s Necessary In Regards To Plastic Bag Bans?

In 1969, the National Environmental Policy Act was created so that officials who make decisions affecting environmental changes are fully informed of the environmental aspects and consequences prior to making their final decision.  Policies that might impact our environment are things like plastic bag bans, building a dam, building a park, new roads, ect.   To retrieve all the information … [Read more...]

Save Our Shores To Hand Out Reusable Grocery Bags in Santa Cruz County

Save Our Shores, located in California, is a community leader in  marine environment issues including ocean awareness, advocacy and citizen action.   Their core initiatives are plastic pollution clean up, clean boating, and ocean health. Over the last 30 years, Save Our Shores has accomplished many positive environmental outcomes.  For example, they were instrumental in establishing the … [Read more...]

Plastic Bag Ban In San Franciso Continues

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. - Aristotle In San Francisco, California, the Board of Supervisors voted to extend the plastic bag ban in order to encourage citizens to bring their reusable shopping bags when they go shopping.  Right now, the ban only applies to major grocery stores and pharmacies but come September 1, there will not be any more plastic … [Read more...]

How To Pack A Reusable Grocery Bag

There is a method to packing a reusable grocery bag so that your groceries will be protected while carrying them into your house safely.  Since plastic bags have come along, grocery baggers have not had to learn how to pack a larger bag properly because less items fit into the plastic bags.  However, you can help the bagger pack properly by lining up your items on the scanner in the order you want … [Read more...]

Are Your Reusable Bags Being Used?

The UK's Environment Agency has found that it takes 171 uses of a plastic reusable grocery bag to offset the higher carbon emissions a single use plastic produces during manufacturing.  That would mean that if you use your plastic reusable shopping bag twice a week, for 86 weeks, or 22 months, the product would be as efficient to produce as single use plastic bags but would create much less waste. … [Read more...]

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