Recycling – An Option for Old Electronic Appliances

recycleMost people tend to throw away old electronics after a span of ten years. Electronics need to be thrown into junkyards or landfills meant for waste disposal, and occupy a lot of space as well. To try and spread awareness on this issue, Deacon Dan Klockowski got his old computer desktop recycled instead of disposing it into a junkyard. According to David Lupinski, the Director of Recycling, more people should follow Deacon’s example and get their old electronics recycled as well.

A unique recycling initiative

According to Deacon, more than exchanging gifts in the holiday season, it is important to use the things that we have already purchased. He feels that people are negligent about their belongings and that they need to be more responsible about how they dispose objects. Deacon stated that he was aware of the fact that his desktop is of no use anymore. However, instead of throwing it in the landfills or a junkyard, he made an effort to find a recycling center for it. The landfills and junkyards are reaching their maximum limits at an alarming rate, so the residents should make efforts to recycle more, he added.

The Leland Avenue Center – recycling and producing eco friendly promotional items

The Leland Avenue Center in Utica has been carrying out recycling activities for a long period of time. The center started its activities in the year 1990. Residents can drop off their old electronics such as computers, televisions, washing machines, lamps, and air conditioners at the center, free of cost. However, the center charges around $10 to recycle major electrical appliances such as freezers, refrigerators, and air conditioners. The reason behind this is the fact that these electrical items produce a high degree of CFC or chlorofluorocarbons.

The manufacturers’ responsibility

Even if the residents are unable to find a recycling center for their electronic items, they should contact the manufacturers of products to help them recycle their products. According to the Extended Producer Responsibility Law, every manufacture is responsible for recycling their products. The manufacturers can either reuse the electronics, or they can sponsor the cost of recycling these electrical products into eco friendly promotional items. Additionally, if the electronics are purchased from retail stores such as Target or Wal-Mart, the residents can get in touch with the retail office. This is because the retailers will send the old products back to the companies that support recycling of their products.


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