Sales of Energy-efficient LED Lights Increase in Green, Ohio

Energy-efficient LED LightsThe sales of energy-efficient LED lights have increased in the region of Green. According to a lighting company owner in Green, Steve Zeneri, his LED light sales doubled in 2012, and the company is expecting to witness a quadruple rise in the sales by the end of 2013. Statistically, Steve’s company earned close to a million dollars worth of revenue, through their LED light sales in 2012. So, on the basis of their revenue collections, the company states that the market for energy-efficient lighting is steadily increasing in the region of Ohio.

Vivid Leds, Inc. – promoting energy-efficient lights

Steve’s company, Vivid Leds, works with many distributors across the nation. The company sells energy-efficient LED lights, specifically to commercial businesses. Some of the clients of the company are Lockheed Martin Corp., Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co, and McDonald’s Corp – a local franchise.   The company is particular about selling only LED lights, as it propagates the usage of energy-efficient appliances. Over the past few years, Vivid Leds has established a name for itself in the lighting business, and has worked on various projects such as parking lots, warehouses, and even gymnasiums.

According to Steve, the company is doing well in its genre. The primary reason as to why the company is successful is because it provides LED lights that are highly energy-efficient for its clients. Furthermore, at present, many manufacturers are also making efforts to phase out regular fluorescent lights and incandescent bulbs that use a lot of electrical energy from their products’ list. As a matter of fact, according to the recent federal mandates, electrical companies compulsorily need to phase out lights that are not energy-efficient. In addition, to comply with the present federal mandates, many companies offer economic benefits on the purchase of energy-efficient lights. Therefore, the scope for energy-efficient LED lights is increasing.

Incorporating eco friendly promotional items in their office

To substantiate their association with eco-friendly products, Vivid Leds has shifted to an eco-friendly office building as well. The new office building of the company is an old house that has been re-worked into a commercial space. Therefore, a lot of eco friendly promotional items have been used in this office. Along with being an eco-friendly building, Vivid Leds’ new office has more storage space and features. Steve is hoping that more and more residents will opt for LED lighting from their stores, and that energy-efficient lights will replace incandescent bulbs completely.


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