Solana Beach Bans Plastic Bags

According to a new report, Solana Beach, California is banning single-use plastic bags from the 9th of August 2012. Plastic and paper will not be an option for shoppers at grocery stores, pharmacies, food vendors and city facilities.

Details of the new law

The new law is targeted at decreasing single-use plastic bags in the country’s second smallest city. Three months after the ban, plastic bags will not be available at vendors, retails establishments and nonprofit merchants. The demand for wholesale reusable bags is bound to increase over the few months following the ban.

Members of the council of Solana Beach unanimously implemented the initial rule on the 9th of May. Businesses were given three months’ time to adjust to the law. Restaurants were exempted specifically in July. There exist about 460 licensed retail businesses in the city from which 6.5 million single-use carry-out bags are distributed by 160 of these businesses to their clients.

The law is applicable for any bag that is offered at point of sale which is made from plastic derived from bio based sources like corn and less than 2.25 millimeters thick. Paper bags are allowed by the law but a levy of 10 cents is charged per bag.

Bags used for products like meat, dry cleaning and poultry are not included. Customers who are a part of state supplemental programs like those for infants, children and women do not have to comply by this new law.

Promotional reusable bag giveaway

A giveaway of reusable bags along with an educational event will be held on the 4th of August. The same event will be held a second time on the 5th of August.

The educational event will inform people about the care and maintenance of reusable bags. These bags should be washed as often as towels and cutting boards are washed. It is advised to use different types of bags for different items. For instance meat and poultry should have a separate bag and dry goods should be carried in another bag.

It is important to note that not all reusable bags can be washed in a machine. As a shopper you should check whether the bag can be washed in the machine. Other details like cleaning and disinfecting instructions are usually mentioned on the label. If taken care of well reusable bags are very economical, hygienic and durable. The best part is they help protect the environment.

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