Natural Grocers, The Eco-Friendly Store Debuts In Arizona

Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage is opening one of its three stores in Flagstaff,Arizona. The other two stores will be opened in Prescott and Sedona. National Grocers is a grocery chain that focuses on organic, natural and cost effective products. … [Read more...]

Solana Beach Bans Plastic Bags

According to a new report, Solana Beach, California is banning single-use plastic bags from the 9th of August 2012. Plastic and paper will not be an option for shoppers at grocery stores, pharmacies, food vendors and city facilities. Details of the new law The new law is targeted at decreasing single-use plastic bags in the country’s second smallest city. Three months after the ban, plastic … [Read more...]

Target Celebrated Earth Day by Distributing 1.5 Million Eco-friendly Bags

Target Corp celebrated Earth Day by giving away 1.5 million promotional reusable bags in all its outlets on the 22nd of April. The company also provided guests with easy and sustainable solutions, plus more than $50 as savings if they purchased sustainable products throughout the month of April. This awesome saving scheme can be received in any Target store or a limited-time website. According to … [Read more...]

Earth Day and Reusable Shopping Bags Go Together

April 22rd is Earth Day, and Earth Day is a great reason to start discussing more eco-friendly practices you can start with your own family, in your home.  Reusable shopping bags provide a great tool to enhance Earth Day activities that might be happening in your children's school already.  We have come up with a few ways your children can focus on reducing, reusing and recycling by using reusable … [Read more...]

Free Reusable Bags In Santa Cruz December 15th

On Thursday, December 15th, 2011, Save Our Shores will host "Bring You Own Bag" day in Santa Cruz County.  John Leopold, Santa Cruz County Supervisor, will hand out custom reusable bags from 4-6pm at Mi Pueblo market in Watsonville, theCapitola Mall, Live Oak Market, Scotts Valley Market, and Kmart in ScottsValley.   John Leopold is personally going to encourage the use of reusable grocery bags to … [Read more...]

Evanston, Michigan City Council To Discuss Plastic Bag Tax

Evanston, Illinois is located just north of Chicago,  on Lake Michigan.  It is a coastal town and home to Northwestern University.  This type of geographical area and population is ripe for a encouraging the use of custom reusable bags and decreasing the amount of single use plastic bags distributed.  It is a progressive town that is interested in preserving and protecting it's water … [Read more...]

Jute Reusable Bags Are Durable and Fashionable

Historically, harvesting jute was used to make rope because of its durability.  Jute comes from the Corchorus tree and is grown in India.  India is the world's largest jute growing country.  It is a strong, vegetable-based fiber that also can be used as a material to make paper, cloth furniture, and even carpets.  Jute bags have many uses for both packaging raw materials and as custom reusable … [Read more...]

Challenge Yourself To Use Less Plastic

In 2010, Susan Beraza and Jeb Barrier created the educational environmental film "Bag It".  "Bag It" looks into the industry of plastic and how much plastic our society uses every day.  It is filmed in the hometown of it's creators, Telluride, Colorado.  "Bag It" was released in the spring and summer of 2010 and has been a significant catalyst for cities all across America to campaign for the … [Read more...]

National Dry Cleaning Chain To Start Using Custom Reusable Bags

Martinizing Dry Cleaners, in conjunction with The Green Garmento, are forming a partnership to move away from single-use plastic packaging to reusable garment bags.  Martinizing Dry Cleaners is one of the nations largest dry cleaning chains, with over 240 stores nation wide.  The company would like to go green and start using more eco friendly reusable bags. Every year, 1.4 billion pieces of … [Read more...]

Washing Reusable Shopping Bags Resolves Issues of Bacteria

University of Arizona Microbiologist Dr. Charles Gerba has released the findings from a test he performed in early summer of 2010, regarding health issues of eco friendly reusable bags.   Dr. Gerba tested eighty seven reusable bags, obtained at random from grocery shoppers in California and Arizona, and each bag was swabbed for bacteria and laboratory tested.  The results found that large numbers … [Read more...]

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