Spring Clean and Recycle


Spring is the season of rebirth which can inspire all of us to take stock of our own environment and start a new.  If you are ready to spring house clean, here are some helpful tips on how to declutter safely and effectively:


Beginning with the big stuff, like furniture, there are several ways to get rid of old furniture.  If you do not think you can sell them for much, and would rather just donate them, Goodwill and the Salvation Army accept donated furniture and they will give you a tax deductible receipt for the current value of the furniture.  If you have just been remarried and have two of everything, Craigs List is a great platform for selling.  The site is simple to use, and as long as you hop on daily to update your inventory, it does not take long to sell off pieces for a price that is acceptable to you.

Craigslist can also be used to advertise garage sales, or to let people know you have items on the curb for free to take away.  The items you list for free will be gone by the end of the day, just make sure anything you don’t want included is not near your curb.

Computer Equipment

Working electronics can be sold on e-bay or Craigslist. Both working and non-working computers can be donated to programs that refurbish old computers for schools.  The Environmental Protection Agency has a list of  places that accept old computer and electronics.


Clothes that are too thread bare or stained can be donated to Good Will or the Salvation Army.  Another option is to see if your local nursing home or church is going to host a community garage sale that will accept your donations.

Baby Clothes and Toys

Donate baby items and working toys to thrift shops or organizations in need of childrens’ items.  For games that are missing pieces, take out the little plastic pieces and throw them in a bowl for crafters.  Bowls of game pieces, spare yarn and old jewelery, are treasures for craft rooms in nursing homes, girl scout organizations or a daughters desk!

If you have toys that are valuable, Craigslist and Ebay are great platforms to sell on.


Nursing homes, Hospice Centers, private schools, used book stores, and thrift stores will all accept donations of books in decent condition.

Hazardous Waste and Cleaning Supplies

Hazardous household waste includes paints, batteries, toxic chemicals, fluorescent light bulbs, cleaning products, and just about anything that shouldn’t be released into the environment through a landfill or through flushing.  Federal law allows disposal of hazardous household waste in the trash.  However, many communities have collection programs for HHW to reduce the potential harm posed by these chemicals. The EPA encourages participation in local HHW collection programs rather than discarding the HHW in the trash. Call your local environmental, health, or solid waste agency for the time and location of your HHW collection program.

Remember to bring anything you are ready to donate in a reusable shopping bag.


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