Students Discover Fun in Organic Gardening and Ecology

ecologyThe importance of organic products and their benefits on health and environment are well-known. Recently, the fourth graders of Beth Am Day School took a field trip to a thousand square-foot vegetable garden at the Deering Bay Yacht & Country Club, to learn about the lifecycle of plants and healthy food. This program was organized under the guidance of Karen Harmon, the Club Manager at Deering Bay.

Eco-friendly science lessons at Deering Bay Yacht & Country Club

A group of students from the fourth grade class of 2010 helped to initiate the garden at the Deering Bay Yacht & Country Club. Every year students from Beth Am pay a visit to the garden to have a practical approach to life science while contributing to the activities in the garden. The students learn about butterfly gardening, seed propagation, and vegetable planting. Each activity allows them to gain hands-on experience at the garden that follows organic methods of planting and harvesting.

Apart from plants, the students also learn about entomology with live insect specimens, and understand the biology of pollination. The outdoor learning environment also provides them with a path to probe into the aspects of ecological balance in the garden. It also allows them to learn about the need for implementing measures like using seed paper, promotional reusable bags, etc. to spread awareness about ecology preservation.

Spreading the awareness of using eco friendly promotional items

In programs like the one at Deering Bay, students get the opportunity to learn about the importance of conserving natural resources and creating a sustainable environment. Educational tours like these can spread awareness of using less plastic and more recyclable and reusable bags, conserving electricity, green construction, etc.

Deering Bay also has nature walks for the students of Beth Am, so they can be introduced to indigenous species of wildlife, like an American Crocodile, an Anhinga, A Wood Stork, Turkey Vultures, and Peacocks. The students have a rich experience of interacting with the staff at Deering Bay, including the organic farmer and Chef Tim Rowan, Head of Volunteers Ethan Shapiro, and the Groundskeeper at the Golf Course, Rob Wethy.

The members of Deering Bay teach the children about gardening and latest developments in environment conservation. In the most recent field trip, the students learnt about weather in South Florida from the Chief Meteorologist of WSVN-TV, Phil Ferro.

Every year, the students get a hand at planting seeds and harvesting crops. They also get to enjoy a meal cooked from the produce that they planted and helped to grow.


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