Students in Iowa Launch a Recycling Campaign

Student InitiativeLooking at the increasing issue of waste disposal into landfills, the students from the Northwest Junior High Schools and the Southeast Junior High Schools in the Iowa City have decided to launch a recycling campaign. These students have decided to recycle all the waste materials that are generated in their area. At present, these students are specifically targeting waste materials that are related to food products.

The Iowa Waste Exchange Program

To help the students organize their campaign and their recycling activities, the Iowa Waste Exchange Program is guiding them. This exchange program is a part of or an initiative by the Department of Natural Resources within the city. The experts associated with the program are guiding the students so that they can collect food waste from restaurants and recycle it. At present, leading hotels and restaurants dump a lot of food wastes into the waste disposal landfills. So the department is hoping that with this initiative, the burden on the landfills will reduce to a certain extent.

The students’ activities to encourage eco friendly promotional items

The students have started their recycling campaign by digging up food waste from the restaurants. In the first week itself, they have been successful to dig through 150 pounds of disposed food from a particular restaurant situated in the Coralville region. The owner of the restaurant, Bruce Titus has been extremely supportive of this initiative. He stated that their restaurant was aware of the fact that they can recycle a large portion of their food waste, but could never chalk out a systematic method to recycle.

While digging up the waste, the students segregated the food item into recyclable and non-recyclable wastes. The students are hoping that through this recycling initiative, they will be able to encourage the usage of eco friendly promotional items among the people. The students feel that if individuals as well as organizations make a little effort, they can definitely combat the issue of waste disposal.

School promoting a green lifestyle

The students in Iowa are not the first ones to initiate recycling campaigns. As a matter of fact, in the recent times, a lot of school authorities in the US have tried to promote eco-friendly lifestyles and products among their students as well as their neighboring localities. Schools feel that such initiatives not only inculcate a sense of responsibility in the students but also make the people more sensitive toward the environment issues that are increasing at an alarming rate.


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