Why are RPET Bags Great for Groceries?

RPET is one of the best materials to use for grocery bags. Why? It is soft, recycled, and recyclable. You might not know what RPET is, but we will explain and show you why these bags are so much fun. Your customers deserve a nice experience when they are shopping. Sell these bags because they provide such a wonderful texture and experience. They add a bi of luxury to your brand. Call us … [Read more...]

Custom Grocery Bags for Safety

As the world reverts back to the early stages of a COVID-19 lockdown, you do want to be as safe as possible. You can be safer when managing a business by using reusable grocery bags. Our custom grocery bags are perfect for your company, and you can order today. Here are a few reasons why, and we want you to know the advantages of these bags over plastic. At Custom Grocery Bags, we are here to … [Read more...]

Do Patterns Make Sense on Grocery Bags?

When you are buying custom grocery bags, we want to make sure you get the color and style you want. For the most part, people choose colors and add a logo or some lettering. Sadly, there are even bigger ideas that people do not even try because they think they will not work. There is a place for a pattern or other unique design when you are building your grocery bags. Check out Custom Grocery … [Read more...]

Why do Grocery Bag Handles Fail?

Grocery bags have changed considerably over the past century. Everyone used to bring home a brown paper bag that they could fold up and use later, turn into a school project, or use for gardening. These bags turned into plastic bags because they were smaller, cheaper, and easier to store. Now that we know plastic bags do to the environment, we are making a change again. You might have invested in … [Read more...]

How does a Clear Bag Make Shopping More Fun?

The clear shoe was a fashion trend that took over the 90s. Clear bags have hung around since then, and they make a big statement for your business. Think of how a clear bag is going to give you a place to plant your logo and shop. Your customers will buy them. They can shop with them. This is the simplest thing to use when you want to give your guests option. Custom Grocery Bags helps you place … [Read more...]

Why Does Your Business Need a Big Bag?

Your business needs a big bag because it is functional. Customers want a bag that they know they can use everywhere. Heck, they will go into other stores with your shopping bags because they are so easy to see. Expand your influence with a bag that everyone wants—and you can even make money by selling them to your loyal customers. Check out Custom Grocery Bags when you are ready to place a … [Read more...]

Fashion Totes: Business Marketing in Style

There is something about marketing your business that requires you to try as many new options as possible. Your business needs more visibility in your region. Plus, you need a fashion totes that look completely unique. You can get noticed and sell bags that your customers want to collect. At Custom Grocery Bags, we will show you what can be done to place your next order for fashion totes in any … [Read more...]

Adding Stripes to Your Grocery Bags

Adding stripes to grocery bags is a good way to make them stand out. As you build these bags with our team at Custom Grocery Bags, you can create varying styles that either include stripes or are dominated by stripes. You owe it to your business to make unique choices when you make your marketing purchases. Do not be afraid to try something new. The stripes remind customers or whimsy and fun. … [Read more...]

Edge-to-Edge Custom Printed Bags

Edge-to-edge custom printed bags make it easier for you to get advertising results you want. You can use these bags to make your business look impressive. Your contact information can go anywhere with these bags. The business looks as though it spends a ton on marketing. Plus, your customers will enjoy collecting these bags. Read more to learn how to find the right bag and place your … [Read more...]

PET Poly Bags for Marketing & Sales

PET poly bags are perfect for marketing & sales because they look good and hold up to consistent use. We build these bags from an amazing recycled material that is environmentally-friendly. Plus, we make sure that you get the full color design you deserve. Make your business look better, and ensure that you invest in our marketing products today. At Custom Grocery Bags, we are here to help … [Read more...]

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