Target Recycles Plastic Bags, Encourages Use of Reusable Bags

In 2010, Target launched a comprehensive recycling program.  The purpose of the recycling program in 2012 is still the same, which is to make recycling plastic bags and other items easily accessible to the public.  Customers can easily recycle cans, glass plastic bottles, plastic bags, MP3 players, ink cartridges and cell phones by bringing them to their local Target store.  The recycling bins are located at the front of every store and are clearly marked.   This makes it very easy for consumers to bring in their items to be recycled while going out for a shopping trip.

Target Recycling Bins

The items that are collected from the public are added to the materials Target already recycles, including items such as corrugated cardboard, plastic shrink wrap, garment hangers and shopping carts.  The plastic bags collected from the public are sold to a vendor who converts them into composite decking.  The cans, plastic bottles and glass are taken back to distribution centers in trucks already making trips and the materials are then recycled by local recycling centers.  Old electronics and ink cartridges are collected by a national vendor who resells them for reuse, refurbishing or recycling.   Anything that can’t be reused is scrapped by companies that dispose of the materials responsibly.

When you bring in your plastic bags, please make sure any paper receipts or paper wrappers have been taken out of the bags.  Make sure that any bottles you bring back have been rinsed out as well.

Target also sells reusable shopping bags and encourages shoppers to bring in their own in when shopping.  Target’s participation in this eco-friendly recycling program makes them a green company we can all feel proud shopping at.

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