The New Curbside Recycling Program in Wilmington

With the beginning of 2013, the city council in Wilmington has decided to change the recycling schedules for the residents. From the coming week, the residents will have to dispose their waste every alternate week. Prior to this, the residents had the facility to dispose their waste every weekend. However, the city council feels that a weekly waste collection system is very costly, and can be … [Read more...]

Eco-Friendly Lifestyles Taught to Baruch University Students

Baruch University is one of the renowned colleges in New York City, USA. It has been in the media for all the right reasons and included in the list of top colleges in the region. Some magazines and newspapers like Princeton Review, Forbes and U.S. News & World Report have ranked the college among one of the best in New York City. It is also known for encouraging students belonging to … [Read more...]

Initiatives to Prevent the Use of Plastic Bags Continue to Thrive

A recent study showed that on an average, an American uses about 500 plastic bags in one year. The time that these bags are used for is just 12 minutes per plastic bag after which some of them are just strewn around on the road, while others are disposed of by other means. According to a report, a local organization has taken up the responsibility of changing this trend of opting for … [Read more...]

Target Recycles Plastic Bags, Encourages Use of Reusable Bags

In 2010, Target launched a comprehensive recycling program.  The purpose of the recycling program in 2012 is still the same, which is to make recycling plastic bags and other items easily accessible to the public.  Customers can easily recycle cans, glass plastic bottles, plastic bags, MP3 players, ink cartridges and cell phones by bringing them to their local Target store.  The recycling bins are … [Read more...]

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