Waste Management Employees Caught Dumping Recyclables

recycle and use custom recycled bagsIn Plant City, Florida, 2 waste haulers were caught dumping recyclables into the same truck with the rest of the trash by a resident who lives there.  Anne Ramos taped the waste haulers after she noticed the same event happening on an earlier occasion.  The video can be seen at Tampa Bay Online.

Waste Management has been fined $250 by Hillsborough County for violating the terms of its contract.

Waste Management wants the residents of Hillsborough County to remember that a billion pick ups a week occur in Hillsborough County, and that they believe that the recyclables are picked up seperately the majority of the time.

We cannot quit our efforts to recycle and use custom recycled bags even if the system is not perfect.  Any efforts we make towards helping our environment are better than nothing.  Continue doing your part by separating your recyclables and remembering to bring your eco friendly reusable bags with you when you shop.

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