City Officials in Minnesota Trying to Increase their Recycling Rates

Keeping in mind the increasing solid waste collections in Minnesota City, the city officials are trying to increase their current recycling rate. With the new year in session, the officials are planning on introducing this issue in the legislative house. According to the officials, recycling is not only an eco-friendly activity, but it is also a vital part of the economic development of a city. … [Read more...]

The New Curbside Recycling Program in Wilmington

With the beginning of 2013, the city council in Wilmington has decided to change the recycling schedules for the residents. From the coming week, the residents will have to dispose their waste every alternate week. Prior to this, the residents had the facility to dispose their waste every weekend. However, the city council feels that a weekly waste collection system is very costly, and can be … [Read more...]

SWACO Grants to Columbus Libraries and Other Organizations

Recently, the Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio (SWACO) had awarded grants for environmental initiatives taken by organizations, local governments, nonprofit agencies and schools. Columbus Metropolitan Library is one such organization that has received the grant. … [Read more...]

Waste Management Employees Caught Dumping Recyclables

In Plant City, Florida, 2 waste haulers were caught dumping recyclables into the same truck with the rest of the trash by a resident who lives there.  Anne Ramos taped the waste haulers after she noticed the same event happening on an earlier occasion.  The video can be seen at Tampa Bay Online. Waste Management has been fined $250 by Hillsborough County for violating the terms of its … [Read more...]

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