Where and How to Recycle Christmas Trees

recycleMost people get Christmas tree into their homes and decorate it during the festive occasion. Once the holiday season is over, they are clueless about what to do with the Christmas tree. Well, the best thing you can do with the tree is to recycle it. This year, many organizations like Boy Scouts have come up with different methods to recycle Christmas trees. If you are a resident of Snohomish County, these are the options you can consider to recycle your Christmas tree.

Boy Scouts of America

One of the best places that recycle Christmas trees is Boy Scouts of America. Through a project known as Operation Dry Needles, the troops at Boy Scout provide curbside drop-off and pick-up services for the residents of Snohomish County. People can check out what services are available in their area by visiting the website of Boy Scouts of America. There is a recommended donation for the service, which is generally $5-$20. People can support the service initiated by the local troop by mail or in person. If not, they can even place their donation in sealed envelopes and tape them to their doors.

Yard waste services that help generate eco friendly promotional items

If people use yard waste service, then they can cut their undecorated Christmas tree into handy pieces and then get them recycled for free in their yard waste bins with the help of garbage haulers. Most garbage haulers recycle the Christmas trees for minimal charges, generally about $5. The recycled Christmas tree can be used to make wholesale reusable bags. People can find out who their garbage haulers are, by searching for them on the internet.

Compost facilities offering recycling service

Most of the native composting facilities provide recycling services. Pacific Topsoils has several branches across Snohomish County, accepting the trees for just $3 each. Aside from Pacific Topsoils, there are many organizations that offer recycling services.

Snohomish County Solid Waste

Another organization accepting Christmas trees is the Snohomish County Solid Waste. It accepts Christmas trees for just $5 each. The transfer stations for recycling include Mountlake Terrace, Arlington, and Everett. You can even log on to the website of this organization for more information. People should remember to remove plastic tree stands, ornaments, lights, plastic water bowls, and tinsel from the Christmas tree. The Christmas tree is converted to mulch, which helps in saving landfill space and preserving the environment. 

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