Winter Energy Saving Tips

6775498_sWhile it might seem far, winter is fast approaching, and with it, the annual souring energy costs that can break the bank. Making some easy, inexpensive changes this winter can translate into big savings on winter bills. Below we’ve compiled five effective energy saving tips.


  1. Drafts created by openings can be responsible for wasting up to thirty percent of the total energy consumed in the home. A “draft snake” is an easy solution to this problem, and can be as simple as a rolled up bath towel to seal the crack between the floor and the door.
  2. Furnace filters can be easy to forget about, but especially during heating season it is imperative to replace or clean them at least once a month. Dirty filters can restrict airflow and create a greater energy demand. Alternatively, a permanent filter would reduce waste and make changing it a non-issue.
  3. Running your face in reverse (did you know you could do this?) actually helps in heating the room. This super simple change can cut your heating by as much as ten percent.
  4. Winterizing your air conditioning and water lines is another super easy thing to do in your home that not only helps you this winter, but can even help out in the summer time. All you have to do for this one is drain any hoses and air conditioner paper, and make sure that there isn’t excess water in any of the equipment. If you need to purchase a new air conditioner, the federal government will reimburse thirty percent of the cost for an efficient central air system, making it a great opportunity to take advantage of.
  5. Turning down the water heater in your home can lower your water heating costs by as much as ten percent. Simply changing it from the conventional setting of one hundred forty degrees down to one hundred twenty degrees makes a huge difference and can help prevent the risk of a scalding burn.


The tips above are just a few of the countless small changes that can be made around the home to save money this winter. Have your own energy saving tips we didn’t mention? Post them in the comments!


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